Top 5 Vegetable Garden Ideas

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Are you thinking of growing food at home and looking for some ideas? Well here’s our top 5 Vegetable Garden Ideas for 2018.

Raised Beds

This one may seem obvious but it’s a must for any new edible garden. By raising your bed off the ground you can help increase the warming of the soil and this can give you as much as and extra three months of growing time. This is an amazing return on investment. You will find that most people who are serious about eating fresh from their garden, growing from raised beds. The list is in no particular order but Raised Beds are one of my favourite vegetable garden ideas.

An image of a raised garden bed.

Micro Orchards

Although this blog is about vegetable garden ideas this list also includes fruit. Due to the decreasing sizes of modern gardens Micro Orchards are becoming more and more popular. To grow a Micro Orchard you need a lot less room than you think. For example if you use the right trees and planting methods you can grow as many as 15 dwarf fruit trees in 12 square feet. Naturally this will decrease the production of each tree but increase the yields per square foot. After reading this blog if you require more information on planting fruit trees try reading our blog How To Plant A Fruit Tree?

An image of a fruit tree.


Food Walls

Have you ever tried to grow your cucumber and pumpkins on a trellis? Due to the vining nature of these plants they have previously only been used by growers who have a lot of land. Now growing vertically give you access to this plants especially if you don’t have much room to work with. Imagine a wall with Passion Flower, Runner Beans and Caucasian Spinach.  Herb Walls are all the rage at the moment, especially in city gardens and restaurants. They really capture the imagination and look modern and contemporary. You can also erect a relatively simple trellis with a few some wood and canes.

Container Growing

This summer why not try growing your root veg in containers. We tend to grow most of our potatoes and sunchokes in Potato Boxes. By growing in containers you can control the soil, avoid the dreaded blight and at the same time increase yields. Carrots and parsnips can also be grown in containers with ease but so can herbs, fruit trees and onions. Salads So those of you who have a city garden, perhaps a patio area is all you have to work with then this summer try container growing.


Harvesting rain water and irrigating your crops is one of the best ways to save money on your water bill and also ensure that your plants receive a regular watering. Nowadays many of us are busy with work and family life. Not everyone has the time to potter in the garden and keep an eye on the watering needs of each and every plant, irrigation will solve the problem. You will need an outside tap, water storage, a timer, connectors, filter, a manifold and the leaky pipe garden hose irrigation. Yes there is an initial investment in equipment but if your a busy grower worth every penny.

Until next time. Learn as you grow.

Your friendly Suburban Farmer – Edible Gardens Team

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