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We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. – Thomas Fuller

When it comes to watering plants the questions just keep coming. As I get asked this most often I thought I would do a post a quick post for those that wish to know. It’s a slightly more complicated questions that you might think and before I answer lets take a quick look at what type of water to use when it comes to watering plants.

Is all water created equal?

No not really. When it comes to watering plants there is a big difference between highly oxygenated filtered water and chlorinated water from your tap. Obviously rain water is best as it’s free, natural and full of the minerials plants love . Depending where you live rain water can pick up pollution as it falls through the air. If your worried about this use a filter on your outside tap. Reverse osmosis filters are great as the take out the chlorine and other chemicals but some also strip out the mierials as well.

How often should I be watering plants?

This is such a gerenal question and the answer depends on a number of factors. Many plants need watering twice during the summer months and not at all during the winter. It really depends on the climate and individual plants. The best advice I can give is check daily and get to know your plants and their needs. A good tip is to stick your finger around 1cm into the soil and if it’s dry then you should water. If it’s moist or wet there is no need. You never want to let a fruit tree go dry during the fruiting season otherwise it will start to drop fruit. Make sure however that you don’t over water. It may come as a surprise but the number one killer for fruit trees grown in pots is over watering.

picture of water for watering plants

Irrigation or Hose?

Irrigation wins hands down. Nowadays irrigation and water harvesting systems are so effective and efficient that many edible gardens no longer need access to an outdoor tap. As long as the storage tanks are large enough you can get 100% of your water from water harvesting. A typical small urban farm or vegetable garden in England will follow something like the watering schedule below.

Typical Watering Schedule

spring – once a week
summer – twice a week (once per day if: in pots, fruiting, flowering or extreme heat)
autumn – once a week
winter – once a month

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Until next time. Learn as you grow.

Your friendly Suburban Farmer – Edible Gardens Team

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