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June 15, 2017 ediblegardens 22 comments

I first came across Rock Dust around a year ago while researching soil remineralization. Most beginners will inevitably reach a point when they start looking to improve their growing medium and that’s usually after the first season of growing. Rock Dust comes with some bold claims. It is said to help build soil, increases pest resistance, increases crop yields and increases microorganism diversity, and amount. Also known to help with water retention in soil and removes the need for chemical fertilizers….

May 15, 2017 ediblegardens 3 comments

Permanent agriculture, earth focused farming that benefits people. That’s what permaculture means to me in as few words as possible. For those of you that require a more in depth view read on. A form of agriculture that seeks to work with the natural world and to model the existing patterns of nature. The objective? Improving the quality of life for people and at the same time caring for the earth. This results in reduced waste and brings about food abundance. If…

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Always Make Room For More Beauty In Your Life The term ‘square foot gardening’ was coined by Mel Bartholomew in 1981. So what is square foot gardening? It is the method of dividing a raised garden bed into small square sections that are one foot squared. The intention is to help you plan and estimate yields in a small but intensively farmed garden. At Edible Garden we use this method on our Micro Farm’s. Although many growers can find methods that…