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Always Make Room For More Beauty In Your Life

The term ‘square foot gardening’ was coined by Mel Bartholomew in 1981. So what is square foot gardening? It is the method of dividing a raised garden bed into small square sections that are one foot squared. The intention is to help you plan and estimate yields in a small but intensively farmed garden. At Edible Garden we use this method on our Micro Farm’s. Although many growers can find

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“Those that grow crops really grow soil”

Fishes need the ocean like plants need soil. Building good soil will increase microbial activity which will then increase fertility. Ultimately this will increase the level of nutrients in your food. The more nutrients the more flavour you have. Green manure such as plants or organic animal manure is a great place to start, you need to feed the soil for what you are about to grow. Egg

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“If you wear your values on your sleeve people will embrace you” – Curtis Stone

I sat there and in that moment I knew what needed to be done, I had an idea forming. After so long searching for a way to have a life of meaning. For a way to have a positive impact and to leave a better world for those that come after me. It had been forming for a while