a suburban farmer, its like butler for your garden…


At Edible Gardens we offer a fully tailored garden service. If you want to hire a landscaper or find a gardener to help with landscaping services or growing vegetables at home. Then why not go for an edible garden instead and one of our Suburban Farmers will work with you to create food abundance.  

what will my suburban farmer do? Taking care of all the grooming, watering and harvesting as well as providing advice on best storage practices is all in a days work. Over the coming months my Suburban Farmer will focus on building highly fertile soil and managing my growing space towards optimum performance.

At certain times of the year my Suburban Farmer will visit to install plants, release pest predators such as lady birds in order to manage pest problems and replacing any annuals destroyed by pests. All treatment costs and feeds are also included.

edible gardens - the freshest alternative...

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The best time to start an edible garden is three years ago and now. 

*Nutrient Dense Food

*Naturally Grown 

*Zero Food Miles✔

*Bee Friendly✔

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00 to 17:00, Newbury, Berkshire. 

Email: enquiries@ediblegardens.online

Telephone: 01635 44391 Mobile: 07432 030942